My Whole World

My Whole World

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kaden- Big handsome little man

Kaden, my big handsome little man, he is such a little man!! A mama's boy- he is crawling everywhere, he sits up by himself, and he is starting to climb the stares by pulling himself up. He opens and closes the drawers in the kitchen (we havent baby proofed a dang thing). He says mama, and dada, and ball- everything sounds like ball! He is clapping his hands and he waves when you say bye-bye. He is so smart, we play a game when i count to three he lets go and falls back on pillows, he does it right on the count of three, I am such a typical mom but I cant help it, he is the cutest little man!!!! I took these pictures this morning outside, beats paying for professional ones huh mom??

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Hubby :)

What is his name? Thomas Albert Kimber
How long have we been married? Two Years and 3 months
How long did we date? We dated 10 months until our wedding bells
How old is he? 26
Who eats more? He does!
Who said "I love you" first? I did, we were out on the dam overlook and i kissed him and told him i was falling in love with him, he quickly said it back!
Who is taller?He is!
Who sings better? Tom sings better, he sings to Kaden all the time- and when you watch Beauty and the Beast he knows every song..!
Who is smarter? Tom is book smart, and i am street smart! :)
Whose temper is worse? Mine was in someways, i used to throw things and slam doors! Not anymore, i am a calmer person now :)
Who pays the bills? Tom does for now
Who does the laundry? Tom loves laundry!
Who cooks dinner? I do, Tom will just do french toast and eggs!
Who drives when together? I do when we go out of town, and he will usually in town
Who is more stubborn? ME
Who is the first to admit when wrong? ME
Who wears the pants in the family? ME
Who mows the lawn? I have been since he does laundry
Who kissed who first? He kissed me on our first physical date at the dam overlook
Who asked out who first? I called him first when we exchanged numbers, and he came down to Page for our first date!
Who proposed? Tom did on the Glen Canyon Dam
What is my favorite thing about him? He is such a good daddy, and he is so motivated with school, he is very goal oriented, and somewhere inside him he is a very romantic person, just have to find it!!! :)
I tag Camille, Nikki, Heidi, Amber Kimber, Connie, Alexa and Ashley!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kaden the Krawler!

Kaden is crawling!!!! He goes everywhere, and very fast. Tom and I were getting dinner ready and Tom was walking into the kitchen, Kaden was watching Tom, and then all of a sudden Kaden took off, he just crawled his cute little butt right after Tom. So we still need to baby proof our home, but it is getting so hard to keep up with him now! He has been crawling for 2 days now and I seriously have to run to get him dressed, he wiggles out of his pants and I have to chase him around.

Kaden is crawling!!! No clothes on because i gave up chasing him!

He jumps in his Jonny Jumper- he is too big for it, but it still entertains him!

My little Budda! I love bath time with him, he is soooo cute!

Ok this picture isnt so cute, we put the lid on this bowl and it was full of chips, we both left the room for 2 minutes and when we walked back in this is what he had got himself into, he took a handful at a time and crushed it with his fist and dumped it on the carpet, then he would make sure every chip was in pieces by smashing it with his foot! I couldnt get mad because I was so stunned that he figured out that lid, what a smart boy!!!! (He doesnt put things in his mouth yet)

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was just perfect for us! We spent Friday and Saturday up at the cabin with Tom’s family (Scott, Scott’s girlfriend, Ed, Kathy, Steve, Tom, Kaden and me). We had tinfoil dinner’s (they were great!) Then we roasted marshmallows and ate smores, Dad brought up his telescope so we all tried to see the stars! It was a beautiful night, and we all played games together. Kaden had a rough night all night but he had lots of fun with everyone. Then we got back and unpacked and relaxed. Sunday we went to church and watched movies and opened all the blinds to the windows and we made a big comfy bed in the living room and watched movies and watched the rain pour as we played with Kaden. Kaden enjoys crawling over us and liked to snuggle in-between us and get our attention. Monday was still raining but we went out to breakfast, Tom helped his mom tear up her floor, and I stayed home and took a nap with Kaden and we played and just had fun! Monday night we went over to my brother’s and we had a fun night. They had a BBQ and Erin (my sis in law) made the best dessert!!! We played games and then we watched a movie. It was a great weekend, and it actually felt like a short vacation, Tom and I spent great quality time together!!!