My Whole World

My Whole World

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Confluent and Reticulated Papillomatosis Update

More stitches in my back. I had more biopsies taken to figure out what I have. They took pictures and possibly every doctor in a 20 mile radius, came in my little white room in the corner. White coat after white coat had the same expression of confusion and bewilderment. Neither are a good sign. I still have no answers or possibilities.I once was told CRP, and at one point Darier's Disease, but now I have no answers. Back to the blank canvas of wonder.

I do not want to post a picture. I thought at a point in my life that I could move on and not focus on the insecurities, or feelings of shame because after all the months and months of minocycline, accutane, creams, steroids, and random treatments, nothing. I have no control over this growing disease on my body. I gave up. After the treatments, money and lots of pain.... I gave up. I could no longer subject myself to anymore "trials" or "experimental treatments".

Then it started looking darker, and growing at a rapid pace. I started noticing it getting worse, but really stopped caring. Although I wear t shirts everywhere I go because it is high on my chest area and up the back of my neck, so maybe I do care if people see it...

Then I saw my primary care doctor. He was concerned and lectured me about the risk and he sent me to get it looked at by my dermatologist, who now has sent me to see a specialist at the U of U hospital. Now I wait. Now I care again, and now I have a glimmer of hope, that maybe someone will figure it out and help me.

Please don't let me down. Give me a diagnosis and let their be a treatment that works.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Family Pictures

Our family is growing, and I love that we always get family pictures often. This year is my absolute favorite. I love how they turned out. Such a great trip to Vegas, and such great memories with my family. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Elf On The Shelf gets MY Approval

Why on the "elf" is people making such a big deal about Elf on the Shelf?

Beats the heck out of me!!! I have read a few articles posted about the negative opinions about the little elf doll that goes around creating laughter from kids, giving something for kids to look forward too, and adding FUN to the holiday. Who CARES about the shenanigans your elf gets into? WHO? As long as it makes your family giddy with excitement and you enjoy watching your children's faces each morning, then who has the right to pee on your parade? Stop listening to the negativity, PLEASE.

Make the Elf on the Shelf whatever you want. If you want a mischievous elf getting into crazy and over the top antics then you have my approval for giving your children a sense of humor. If you are a more spiritual elf and you leave scriptures and Christ like sayings to boost your families Christmas and holiday spirits then, you as well, have my approval. If you want a service centered elf, giving heartfelt acts of kindness and inspiring your family to do the same, then you have my approval. If you want an elf that plays hide and seek with your children and requires minimal work, then you DEFINITELY have my approval!

You see? It is your tradition, and it is your elf. You can make your elf whatever you want and as long as it brings you happiness and memorable memories that you will treasure forever, then go.... be not afraid of the negative Nelly's. Go ahead and make your family happy... I APPROVE!