My Whole World

My Whole World

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Makeover

There was an add in the newspaper to enter to win a makeover, all you had to do was write why you deserve a makeover. My mother and sister also entered in my behalf, and I WON! They called me and I was so happy I cried! I am not ashamed to post pictures of my before, even though it is embarrassment, but after hours, I mean hours of alot of work and it was fun. I sat there and let her do whatever her heart desired except for blue hair. She was so great and sympathetic to my loser look but promised she would make me "sexy" again! I also got my makeup done professionally! SO, Friday at the Just For Her show at Weber State I sat on stage, my beautiful sister in law helped watch the kids and was so amazing to support me in this great adventure. She took pictures and while on stage they cute and styled in front of a conference room full of ladies. They showed the before pictures and then I was in person the after! OH MY GOODNESS, I could hear gasps and applause! It was amazing feeling. I wanted to cry! I LOVE IT! At first I wasn't so sure about being so dark, but I LOVE IT! It is something I would have never done to myself, so what a blessing this is! something new! something fresh! and yes SEXY! Goodbye old lady sherrie, HELLO 23 year old HOTT MAMA! :) I will post more pictures later of the event! But here is AFTER


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Snake Bite!

If you haven't read the story in the newspaper, or heard on the news, or the radio then you can read it here! I was mowing the lawn over 2 weeks ago, as I was mowing along the very back fence a big snake lunged at me, and I kicked and felt a horrible sting in my leg, it felt like I had been stung by lots of hornets. I felt the snake hanging on my pants and I started to run, but the time I had the nerve to turn around and look, I could see the last 2 feet slithering away toward the field. The only description I had was it was big and brown. To make a long story short, I woke up my boys and drove to the clinic by our house, after all I wasn't having difficulty breathing or massive problems, I thought it was minor since I did not know what kind of snake it was. The clinic gave me a look over and sent me home with a band-aid and told me I would be fine, so in all honesty I was quite glad I didn't over-react and go to the hospital and was happy that we saved money!
Unfortunately that night my leg was stinging so bad, swelling and red- very read and hot to touch. I woke up numerous times and worried something was wrong with my leg. My mom called and worried me even more about the fact that the only snakes with fangs are poisonous, and the only snake here is rattlesnakes. Well, I packed up the boys and went to the ER and the doctors were very concerned and told me it was serious and I had an infection and they gave me a few antibiotics and a shot. They determined it was a rattlesnake and said the fangs did not go into my muscle and how lucky I am to be alive. I was there for awhile, my sister kept me calm by sending text messages and calling me. I kept it together, and dealt with rashes, hives and fevers. But the antibiotics did its job and my leg feels much better, it looks like a burn now, my check up they told me its because of the venom burned my skin. Gross! Anyways, the newspaper here called me and asked me questions, next day its in the paper... you can read the article HERE and that makes for another adventure! Don't you wish you were this lucky?

My pants and the holes from the snake.
About an inch width between fangs, big snake, this a few hours after it happened, starting getting red!
it got my right leg right (a few hours after)
This is either the next day or day after, it just kept getting worse and oozing.

I appreciate the thoughts and prayers! I am blessed to be ok, and have such supportive family and friends. Love you all!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blue Eyed Photography

Anyone looking for a inexpensive photographer that is awesome?? Of course you ARE! Well, I must say I am so impressed with Blue Eye Photography. Her name is Erin Anderson and she is absolutely wonderful, I couldn't be happier with her work and her artistic eye! AND this is the best time to get family pictures done for those Christmas cards. I cannot wait to get our family pictures done! Check her out on facebook or here is her website,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


WINNER WINNER chicken dinner! Ok, so who doesn't like to get free stuff? I DO! If you asked Tom what I do when I stay up late, it would be surfing the net for giveaways, and free stuff! And to my surprise I WON a giveaway! The Dress Up Drawer is full of giveaways and cute stuff! To visit the website Go HERE

I won a tooth holder for my little guy to put his teeth when the tooth fairy comes. CUTE right? I think this is a cute idea! Go here to see more.

I love free stuff.. we are totally rocking the free coupons, free samples and all sorts of FREE stuff. I must take a picture and do another post! I get so excited about all this. hehe :)