My Whole World

My Whole World

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Father like SONS

Who is who? I really cannot believe it! They all look so much alike. I swore up and down that Kaden and Carson looked totally different but LOOK! And then look at TOM!

Tom's baby picture! One year old
Kaden's baby picture- One year old
Carson's baby picture- One year old
What do you think???

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Fun

Our SUMMER has been very relaxing and taking it slow- with Toms surgery and Carson being sick we really have been home quite a bit and taking things easy but we sure do have fun and have been out a little bit! Kaden enjoys his cousins and playing with Lizzy, and Brynn. We have been to the cabin and swimming, and fun things. Tom started softball and we love going to the park. Fun times. :)

Tom and Brynn
Carson and those beautiful eyes!
Uncle Scott feeding Carson- he was amazed how much he can eat!
Kaden and Brynn :) Kimber Cousin's
Felecia and Brynn
Erin and Lizzy
I love this- Erin is such a good mommy!
Kaden my little STUD! he love WATER!

Carson is ONE

Happy Birthday Carson- He turned one on June 14th. June was an interesting month but Carson's birthday made the month turn around! We are proud of him and we LOVE his little personality. He is such a happy and easy going baby no matter what! I love this little man and his sweet spirit! He lights our home and our hearts! Happy Birthday little guy! YOU ARE ONE!

Kaden helped make the cake- the memories are totally worth it! :)
He loved the cake!
Grandpa and Grandma Kimber came for the party!
Love this picture- cute boy!
He was not sure about his hands all dirty!
Grandpa and Grandma Anderson gifts, LOVE the clothes! Thank you!!!!
More toys!
I made the birthday sign!
Brotherly love. These two make us laugh!