My Whole World

My Whole World

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Hospital

Carson started getting sick, a runny nose and a temperature but I kept thinking he was finally teething, little did I know that it was much more serious then that, by Sunday the 5th, this Sunday was Brynn baby blessing, we left soon after she was blessed and took him home to see what was going on but he just would not eat anything and had not wet his diaper so Aunt Shannon came over and assessed him and thought he needed to get hydrated and saw he had ear infections. I took him straight to the ER and they were so great, they kept us in good spirits and took great care of Carson, in the ER he had low oxygen sats so they decided to do a full work up, this ended up being Metapneumovirus which caused the bronchitis- inflammation in his lungs which made it difficult to breathe on top of the ear infection which made his stop eating, which caused the HIGH fevers which caused his to have horrible gastrointestinal problems which caused his to be dehydrated which all caused him to stay 3 days in the hospital. He still has a hard time eating, he lost a pound in 2 days but is starting to gain again. As a mother it absolutely breaks your heart to see your baby in pain and agony, it was no doubt the hardest time but he is amazing such a tough kid. HE SMILES NO MATTER WHAT... Thanks for all the prayers- for the fasting and love. We know that this boy will be healthy and strong and we thank God everyday for him and for our family. Thanks for those who watched Kaden during all this! So MANY blessings! :)

Meaningful May

One word to describe May would be "meaningful". Even though the weather was very crazy, snowing, raining and the wind.. we still managed to make the most of EVERYDAY- we went to many parks, played with friends, and family. We had to deal with a few health issues but blessing out-poured on our family. Tom reads to the boys, and it is the most precious thing to sit and listen to! Mother's Day the boys gave me flowers and dinner- pictures and LOVE.. I Love these moments. xoxoxo

Easter 2011

I know I am a few months behind, but in an attempt to update I will start from Easter, the Saturday before I took Kaden to four Easter Egg hunts and we had so much fun running everywhere. He was loving every minute! We had an Easter Egg party at the Kimber's with a yummy dinner, and on Sunday I had my brother's family over for dinner and a little Easter Egg hunt, but it was anything but little, there were so many eggs both the kids gave up, so we had to keep them encouraged to pick them all up! Its turned out great!