My Whole World

My Whole World

Friday, January 23, 2009

Kaden is walking!

Kaden is starting to walk! :) I love it, he gets so happy when he knows he is doing it all by himself. So we play games now, Tom and I sit on seperate sides of the room and we taunt him with things he loves to play with and he walks more and more now. It wont be too long now!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kaden's Latest Adventure

On Sunday night we went over to the Kimber’s house so Tom could get some homework done and so Kaden could see his grandparents. We figured out he was so entertained with the phone ringing, so they had Ed (brother in law) call the phone and they would pick it up and he would talk to Kaden on the phone. Kaden loves talking on the phone; he gets so serious and just gabbers away! Well after getting tired of calling they just gave him the portable phone and let him play with it. Then within like 15 minutes the Sheriff Department was at the Kimber house, apparently Kaden called 911! It was so funny… nobody thought he could do that, it made for an exciting 20 minutes of fame from the local patrol as they checked through the house. Kaden is no longer allowed to play with their phone! hehe

The White's trip!

The White’s came to visit and it was so much fun, Tom and Shane had fun playing racquetball and going to the gym. They stayed with us for 2 short days- we miss you! We played and went sledding on the 4-wheelers. Madison and Kaden got along for the most part, even though Kaden hated it when she played with some of his toys and vice versa, but it was so fun to watch them play together. It was so fun to have my sister around, we reminisced as we went through are Barbie stuff together and lots of good memories. Love you Connie!

Christmas 2008

Christmas in Page was great. We got there Christmas Eve and jumped right into an awesome game that my mother prepared. It’s a tradition to play “Survivor” and it was a blast! Thanks mother dear! We didn’t win, but Tom and Buddy did! J No worried Erin there is next year. Then Christmas morning we opened presents and had lots of fun! We ate great food (thanks mom and dad) and we played lots of canasta! It was a great Christmas….