My Whole World

My Whole World

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Back to school! This is Tom and I on our first day back to school. Tom has 3 classes left and he has a double bachelors and will move straight onto his master's and he is STILL a straight A student! You go Tom! And I am enjoying getting in the groove of things again! No worries working 2 jobs and going to school will soon be a thing in the past and I need to count my blessings to be living in this wonderful country that gives us so many opportunities and having our little boy bless us and we just love how he is learning too and he is so much fun. We are hanging in there! I am excited thinking of the eternal plan and trying to fulfill my potential to the fullest, and teaching my children to do the same... never putting limits on anyone! Thanks for all the support, I just know we can do it! Love you mom and dad.. miss you lots!

Mommy and Baby Boy..... loves to sit on my lap and take pictures!

Yes Tom might be crying... he was so sad to go back to school :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bee Stings OUCH

Oh dear now this is a good story to tell him when he gets older! :) Tom goes over to his best friends house to play volleyball once a week, and while the boys have a great time playing volleyball I have a great time letting the kids play together and hanging out with my best friend. Well, as we were sitting on the grass watching them play in the sand box Kaden picked up a toy car and was playing with it, all of a sudden I see about 3 or 4 bee's surround him very angry. Now I HATE BEE's so I was very scared myself because I had a previous terrifying experience. But I ran to him and picked him up and ran as fast as I could toward the house, while my friend saved her baby! From Kaden's screams I can tell he had gotten stung, and it was indeed painful. I found to my surprise he had been stung 3 times on his nose and once on the forehead and also on the palm of his hand. So we rush in the house trying anything we could think of... then we rushed to the store to get Benadryl and his face started to swell and I knew he was going to be sore for awhile. No respiratory problems thank goodness, and he quickly started smiling and having fun playing again shortly after he got stung, but his poor face and nose looked so painful for a few days! I didn't get any pictures of the worse day, so in these the swelling is down quite a bit but you get the idea! Poor Kaden!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Very inspiring video! I love the message, and you will too... please watch!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Tommy! BIG 27

Happy Birthday Thomas! I just cant believe your 27! I hope you are having a great birthday and know how much we love and appreciate you and all that you do for us! Your a great dad and still a straight "A" student! One more semester baby, and we off to bigger and better things! Lots of Love from you family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kaden is 21 months

Kaden is the cutest thing our world. We love him so much and we have so much fun everyday! We are very blessed to have such an easy going baby, he hardly ever cries and he never ever puts things in his mouth. I know right?? We are so lucky this kid is so independent and can play all by himself for hours and never whine or want to be held. I do miss him being cuddly but he is just in his own little world now, and such a happy kid, for that I am so grateful.. and wouldn't change a thing. Of course we still have good nights and bad nights but I absolutely love being a mommy and loving Kaden everyday!