My Whole World

My Whole World

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Day

Valentines Day this year was my turn to plan the date and the fun! Uncle Ray was so awesome and gave me 3 tickets (floor seats- you get to eat during halftime and it made me feel special) to the Weber State game on Saturday and we had a ball. It was seriously the best Valentines Day to date! It was simple, not a lot of money and went to the game, had dessert at Denny’s and then went home. Now, I had to be creative, I wanted to do something we have never done before, so I pulled our mattress off the bed and hauled out KING size mattress in the living room, set up our bed, and streamed rose petals from the door to the bed on the floor. Tom was shocked, first he thought it was a blow up bed, which I never thought of, but he was impressed, and we watched movies and well ya know! ;) Now I am blogging about this on 5 days later and the bed is still in the living room. Ha..

Our sweet family


My Boys!!!!

This pictures for Tom!! ahahha

Super Bowl

GO Cardinals! We had a small super bowl party at our house- Dad Kimber, Mom Kimber, Ed, and Buddy, and Erin came.. It was so much fun and a real intense game! I won 100 bucks! WHooohooo- Thanks Steve, even though my team didnt win, we sure made out of this one!

Tom and I- we made some pretty serious bets on this game!

Buddy and Me, he is the best brother EVER! Love you..

We had taco's and 2 different kinds of dip and pies, and chips, and Buddy and Erin brought the dessert and made dip too, and wings... yummy!!!! Thanks so much

I made "GO ARIZONA CARDINALS" sugar cookies in the spirit of claiming my childhood state for the first time in my life!

Awww.. Kaden loves his aunt and uncle! Erin spoils him with love!