My Whole World

My Whole World

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Road Rage

What the crap just happened today??? I was on my way home from work today about 5:30pm, made a short stop to talk to my dad.. About 6:25pm I turn onto my street and come upon a black Honda car going about 20-25 miles an hour. The speed limit is 50-55 in Hooper as most of you know, so I ease my way around her, she was a white female in her mid thirties with 3 or 4 kids in the car, I turn my blinker on check to make sure no one is headed my way and pass- as if to pass someone on I15, just ease on by then check my rear view mirror to ease on over. She was behind me a good 200 yard, all of sudden she hauls her black car on my silver bumper. I can see her in the rear view mirror flailing her arms around screaming profanity and basically going nuts. I am shocked, I just passed her... I didn't cut her off and I am not going faster then the speed limit. I am lost to why her behavior is just insane! I proceed to head home very scared if I hit the break a little she will be in my back seat with her car. I pick up the phone and call Tom about 6:30pm and with a shaky voice tell him to look out the window, or come outside and see this psycho lady on my butt. I slowly turn into the driveway and within a blink of my eyes she is in my driveway getting out of her car... I am stunned. She opens my car door and begins to call me every profane name she can think of and tells me that these roads in Hooper are no passing roads and that the police are on their way. I look over and Tom is outside telling her to get into her car, she comes at me again with a look of fiery and Tom grabs her arm to stop her, lets her go quickly just to get her attention and tells her to get into her car and get off our property and wait for the police to get here if she so wishes. I parked the car in the driveway and close the garage. Tom came inside and I watched her drive away from the window. I was in tears. I couldn't believe she followed me all the way home and acted so insane.. and now she knows where we live. It was a disturbing 15 minutes of crazy! I called me parents they helped me calm down. Then Tom hugged me for awhile and just couldn't believe what just happened. To sum up this day I have had, WE live amongst the crazy, insane, psycho people.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a MESS

This sums up the last week! It was messy and crazy... and not what I call fun! I am just so sad that I cant be at home. I am extremely frustrated now, I was told I would be done with training the end of May, today I am told I am doing so good they want me to train in different areas that are harder and more places... this gives me another month............. I am tearing up thinking about this set back. I am overwhelmed and will have to make a big decision (thanks dad for talking to me) I am really struggling and no longer have the strength to do both jobs. A lot of thinking I will do, and try to lift my spirits back up and hopefully be a better mom! miss you connie... mom and dad!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A HARD Working Mama!

All I can think about right now is sleep. I think about it a lot because that’s all I can do, all thinking no action, I really get no sleep and some days it’s just scary! SO a update since I haven’t posted in awhile. As most of you know I have two jobs. I work at McKay Dee and Davis hospital some days I work about 20 hours in one day. I am struggling trying to keep up with working both shifts in one day and having no days off… but I am trying my hardest. J I have been missing Kaden so much, and missing Tom. Things will slow down in June, but for now I will just day dream about sleep! I miss you mom and dad….