My Whole World

My Whole World

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Oh what a great weekend we had with Amber and Brady! I am just so honored to have a great friend like Amber! I met Amber while I was working at Nilson Homes and she and I just had too much in common to not be best friends! I love how upbeat and positive she is and how amazing she is at working her butt off at work and school, and juggling a 100 projects all at the same time! (I can relate so well) I am grateful for her fun and charming spirit that she brings with her in whatever she is doing. Oh the memories we have had and I am know there will be many more to come! I love you Amber! ... and Brady!

She and I at her Bridal Shower!!!

Amber and Tom in a serious conversation about the game!

She is thinking about why she has to have me as her partner for the game! haha

I was one of her bridesmaids at her beautiful wedding! I love this girl!

Amber and Brady! We love you guys! Thanks for always being so great!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Can you believe he is only 22 months old......YES! My baby will be 2 years old November 1st! I have been stressing on all the new changes that will be coming up, he will be sleeping in a big boy bed soon, bigger clothes, smarter toys, bigger shoes and POTTY TRAINING. I went looking for a potty and found one for cheap with my coupon (I love coupons). I set it up and was planning on setting it aside, but Kaden ran up to it and called it a potty so I thought what the heck lets see what he will do, so I put him on the potty and low and behold my little guy just loved sitting on it he stayed on there for 15 minutes and when I pulled him off he PEED in the toilet. He points to the potty and says "pee pee, poo poo" and points to his bum! Is he ready? Well we will sure find out and see if we can get this little guy potty trained by 2! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!

Labor Day Weekend

We had the opportunity to go to the cabin later this weekend, and the weather was beautiful Sunday and Monday. We had our good friends Justin, Camille and Lexi come with us and it was great, we played games went on rides and went fishing, and had the best food!!! Thanks guys for making it a perfect getaway! I miss the cabin already!

Tom planned our date night last week, we went to an Ogden Raptors games and it was so fun! I had so much fun watching Kaden yell and cheer! He loves every sport. He is such a cute boy, and he made quite a few friends at the game! Thanks honey for the wonderful date night and you got the tickets for free and that made it even better! :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hooper Horror

Kaden got up from his nap and we decided to head to Tomato Days and look around to have something to do, we took our time getting ready and slowly headed out the door, we were about half way there and all of a sudden I pulled off to the side to let the ambulances and firetrucks, and all these cop cars flew by me... I am thinking there is a car accident or something so I keep going to the Hooper City Park, and low and behold here are all the emergency vehicles and we watched the 2 life flight helicopters land. I quickly found someone to tell me what happened and people were leaving a lot of people crying. What a horrible accident, if you didn't see what happened on the News I attached a link and you can read on:

We hope that the little girl with a broken leg and the women with the head injury will be ok and all the others too. I just cant help but count our blessings and what a blessing nobody died!